Will the secrets of your missing
grandfather be finally discovered ?
Who is your friend, and who should you avoid ?
What is the mysterious Book of Knowledge ?
Do you really know who you are
and what is your destination ?

By playing our hero, Dorian Morris, the player follows the tracks left by his grandfather, a famous traveler. Experience amazing adventures, solve puzzles and tasks, in which the competence analysis mechanism is weaved into.

Dorian Morris Adventure is not only an entertaining experience, but also mind training and a powerful dose of practical and useful knowledge in life.

Dorian Morris Adventure is...

not just a game!

The game has implemented the following measuring tools:
1. Player's educational aspiration - striving for the assumed educational purpose.
2. Player's professional interests - targeted activity taking different values
3. Player's core competencies - knowledge, skills and attitudes in three key areas - social, task and personal.

more than an adventure!

Dorian Morris Adventure is also an application,
the aim of which is to stimulate the player's development.
During the game the player deals with puzzles, situations and tasks, which shape one's competences.

Based on the collected data in the course of the game, each player at the end receives a description of one's professional predispositions.

Measurement of the user's professional interests is based on the Frederic Kruder concept.

Solve all puzzles and discover your calling!

The game is available in Q3 2018

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