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"Dorian Morris Adventure"

Who is Dorian M?
What are the secrets of his grandfather?
Who is your friend and who is your foe?
Where is the Secret Land?
What is the secret Book of Knowledge?
Are you sure who you are and what are your goals?

Don’t be afraid and take the challenge

when the adventure knocks on your door.
Take that opportunity and follow it.

Create your own team and set off on an exciting,
dangerous and mysterious journey into the unknown.
Journey to the source of self-knowledge.

Dorian M is the first coaching game on the Polish market!
Have fun and, at the same time, discover new things about yourself.
Play and develop your skills simultaneously.

Knowledge about yourself within the ... game’s reach.

Dorian Morris is a coaching game which has been created
on the basis of psychological knowledge and personality tests.

By becoming the main character of the game - Dorian Morris – you follow the trail
of his grandfather – the famous traveler. You look inside yourself while you experience
fascinating adventures, discover a mysterious land and meet its inhabitants.

While you solve the riddles and complete the tasks, analysis of your personality
and skills is carried out. In this way you learn a lot about your strong and weak points,
you learn a lot about yourself.
You also find out how your skills and competencies should be developed
as long as psychophysical hygiene, self-assessment, motivation,
self-management and team-management are concerned.

Develop Competences

Dorian Morris is not merely an interesting pastime.
It is also a great training for your brain and a good dose of practical knowledge
useful for managing your time, solving conflicts, negotiating etc.

Interactive quizzes, games, tests and animations lead to the place,
where the Book of Knowledge is hidden.
Once you find it, your life will never be the same...


Let's play, find yourself and conquer the world!
We are creating games that help you to find yourself.
Fun, mind training and self-knowledge in one.

BrainFitGames.com [email protected]

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